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Colorado State Rams start the season with a 19-2 win

GREELEY, Colorado– This weekend the Rams launched the regular 2011 season with a 19-2 win against the University of Northern Colorado Bears. The win puts a positive start on the season, showcasing the team’s talent and setting the tone for future games. The Rams began the game with a series of quick offensive attacks, scoring seven points in the first quarter. Northern Colorado managed two goals in the first few minutes, but the Rams’ midfield and defense prevented movement toward the goal. In the second period, the Rams lost some momentum, not scoring but preventing UNC from doing so. At halftime the Rams were ahead 7-2, and they showed a big improvement in the second half, more than doubling the score and giving many players a chance on the field. “For how poorly we played in the second quarter, I thought we really did a lot of stuff right in the second half,” said Head Coach Alex Smith. “It was nice to see a lot of people get to play and for them to play pretty well as we got deep. This is the second game in a row where we’ve had a little bit of a let-down in the first half and that just isn’t going to work for us against some of the better teams we play this year.” The team was good in transition today, and the midfield went deep. The Rams dominated UNC’s defense, and the abilities of several players stood out. “We had a lot of nice looks and it was great to see both Sean Smith and Kacy Carter get on the score sheet in a big way. Both freshmen will be important for us this year,” Coach Smith said. This game will hopefully serve as a preview for the rest of the season. The team appears to be in a good position with a lot of potential for success. “I like our depth at midfield right now. I think we have ten guys that can really play at a high level,” Coach Smith said. “It was good for them to see as much zone defense as they did because we actually worked on it all week and it paid off pretty well. We need to be a little more patient, but that will come with time.” Also this weekend, on Feb. 20, the Rams will face Adams State, a NCAA Div II team. “Adams State is going to be well-coached, well-conditioned and very excited to play us. It’s going to be nice for us to have another very quality local opponent and we are excited to have Coach Lamb and his squad on the schedule,” Coach Smith said.

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