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Head Coach | Ryan MacDonald

Team President | Deryk Delahanty

CSU Lacrosse GM & CSULAA Chairman | Garret Fitzgerald

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Pay Online

CSU Lacrosse Players — you can now pay your dues online through the CSU Lacrosse Alumni Association.

If you are a returning player with a dues credit from last season it will be applied to the October dues payment. 

Please note that the Program prefers you pay by check, payable to “CSU Men’s Lacrosse” and delivered to the team’s treasurer. There is a 3.3% fee when paying online due to the use of PayPal. To avoid this fee, we recommend paying by check or cash directly to our Team Treasurer. If you are sending a check to your player to hand in, please allow enough time for your player to receive a check from you so that they may hand it in on time. 


We also remind you that all dues payments are nonrefundable. 


Swing by the Roster Form page to confirm you've completed your registration.

September Player Dues (due 9/13) - $1699.59
($1600 Team Dues + $50 Fall Ball Bus Trip + $49.58 PayPal fees) 
October Player Dues (due10/18) -- $1,133.16
($900 Team Dues + $200 RMLC Bus Trip + $33.16 PayPal fees)  
October Player Dues with helmets (due10/18) -- $1,488.47
($900 Team Dues + $200 RMLC Bus Trip + $345 Green and White Helmets) + $43.47 PayPal fees)  
Red-shirt October Dues (due 10/18) -- $721.22
($500 Team Dues + $200 RMLC Bus Trip + $21.22 PayPal fees)  
Helmets w/ decals: Green = $150 / White = $195
  • Contact Sean Greenwell to purchase (limited availablity) 
Full Travel Dues: $800 (estimated)
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Please select the Colorado State University Lacrosse Alumni Association as your charitable organization to support the growth of CSU Men's Lacrosse!

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California Travel Dues $300 (due 1/15/2020)
($300 Air and ground travel + $TBD PayPal fees)  
Texas Travel Dues $300 (due 12/15/2019)
($300 Air and ground travel costs + $TBD PayPal fees)  
MCLA National Tournament Travel Dues $200 (due 2/15/2020)
($200 Ground travel + $TBD PayPal fees)  
  • CSU Lacrosse on Facebook
  • CSU Lacrosse on Twitter
  • CSU Lacrosse on Instagram
  • CSU Lacrosse on YouTube