Pay Online

The Program accepts dues via PayPal or Venmo. There is a 3.3% fee when paying online due to the use of PayPal. Please contact the Team Treasurer should you need to make alternative payment arrangements.


We also remind you that all base dues payments are nonrefundable with the following exception: if CSU Lacrosse is not permitted to have spring activities, a partial refund will be given. 


Swing by the Roster Form page to confirm you've completed your registration.

(RMLC) Travel Dues $TBD (due TBD)
($xxx estimate and ground travel + $TBD PayPal fees) 

- All players are eligible to travel via bus to the RMLC Tournament

MCLA National Tournament Travel Dues $TBD (due TBD)
($xxx estimated ground travel + $TBD PayPal fees) 

- All Players are eligible to travel via Bus to the MCLA National Tournament

- This payment is to be eligible for the travel roster, which is 38 players. If you make this payment and are not selected for the travel roster you will be eligible for a refund or a credit of the travel dues amount (not PayPal fees). Please check with Coach MacDonald if you are unsure of your travel roster likelihood/status. 
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Please select the Colorado State University Lacrosse Alumni Association as your charitable organization to support the growth of CSU Men's Lacrosse!

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First Base Dues Payment
Due 9/8/22- $1710.18
($1650 First Base Dues Payment + $60.18 PayPal Fees)
- This payment is for all players on the CSU Lacrosse roster, including redshirts. 
Helmet Dues
Due 9/28/22- $440.88
($425 Helmet & Decal Cost + $15.88 PayPal Fees)
- This payment is for players needing to purchase helmets, players who do not need new/replacement helmets don't need to get new helmets for 2022/2023.