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Frequently Asked

Thank you for considering Colorado State University men’s lacrosse.  Choosing where to go to college is a huge decision!  Below are some of our general recruiting guidelines and philosophies.  If you are interested in being added to our official recruits list, download and fill out the form at the end of the section.

It’s important to note that we do not have direct influence with the Admissions office to get you into CSU – you must do that on your own merits.  However, we can be as helpful as possible during the process to make sure you are doing everything you need to do.


At CSU men’s lacrosse, our philosophy in the recruiting process is to be “informative and evaluative.”  This means that we want to inform prospects about our program and university and evaluate them as best we can so they can make an intelligent decision about where they are going to spend their college years.

There are several aspects to being a student-athlete and we believe that students who are interested in playing lacrosse here at Colorado State University should understand what the university has to offer academically, socially, and athletically.  We want people who really want to be a part of our program.

We don’t typically “cold-call” athletes because we believe our program and philosophies will attract the types of people we want to focus on.  However, we do our best to maintain solid relationships with prospects who fit both what we are trying to do on the field and what our university is looking for.


The best way for us to evaluate your potential as a lacrosse player is through film.  If you’d like our staff to evaluate your skills, please compile a short highlight film, post online and send us the link in your recruiting form.  We do our best to respond to every inquiry and hope to be able to provide some insight about what your career at CSU might look like as a player if you chose to come to the university.

We do attend certain recruiting events in the fall and summer – typically Colorado and West Coast events, so please contact the coaching staff to find out if we are going to be at an event near you!

After we have your recruiting information, we will primarily contact you through email to inform you of our events and shepherd you through the decision-making process.


We typically host one major “official” recruiting weekend every fall where we match up prospects with hosts on the team and they shadow them for a weekend.  The event concludes with a recruits showcase where the coaching staff can evaluate your abilities and give you feedback on how you might fit in.

We also welcome and encourage prospects to schedule a visit to CSU at any time for an official campus tour with the Admissions office (  We are happy to pair you up with a player-host for a night so you can get a sense of what we are all about.


Our policy is that we do not make cuts, but we do not make promises either.  Anyone can be a part of the team, but it is a significant commitment.  We have mandatory study halls, workouts, and practices to be a part of the program.  We also work around student schedules as best we can, but student-athletes should be able to make lacrosse a large priority if they are going to be a part of the program.

We don’t make promises to players either – meaning that we do not hold roster spots or promise prospects anything during the recruiting process.  Again, we believe that the right people will matriculate through the recruiting process and our goal is to be non-pressure throughout.


The fall season is primarily dedicated to establishing the culture and members of the program.  As we said, we do not make cuts, but we do ask all incoming freshmen, transfers, new players, and returning redshirts to participate in our Evaluation Week during our first week of lacrosse activities.  During Evaluation Week, we do our best to take a look at every player and let them know where they might fit on the team.


There are three general categories of players during evaluation:

  1. You are going to play and you are going to make a big difference in what we do.  We really want you to play.

  2. Not sure exactly what your role will be, but you can be an effective player for us over your career.

  3.  It’s going to be very difficult for you to play at this competitive level.  You are welcome to try, but it’s going to be tough.

After Evaluation Week, we bring the rest of the returning players into the fold and begin our fall season.  By the end of the fall and into the winter, we have pretty well established the type of team we are going to be and who is going to be on the roster.

Even though we don’t make cuts, our roster is typically right around 45 active players in the spring and anywhere between 5-10 redshirts each year.  In the fall, we do have quite a large turnout for evaluations – sometimes as many as 25-30 between incoming freshmen, transfers and returning redshirts.


It does cost money to play lacrosse at CSU.  Most of our sizable budget is made up of player dues, though we do significant fundraising projects throughout the year.  Active players typically are responsible for anywhere between $3,250 and $3,500 depending on the season and redshirts pay about half that amount.  We do have payment plans and we work with players because we understand the financial commitment.  Another way players can reduce dues is by “working” for the team as Team Officers or during special fundraising projects on their own time.


Yes, you can redshirt here at CSU.  Redshirting means being a part of the program in a big way by attending practices, acting as gameday staff and helping out as best you can.  Redshirts pay a reduced set of dues, but get most of the gear that the active players receive (outside of game jerseys).  They do everything the rest of the team does except for dress out for games.


We typically recommend redshirting for anyone in the following categories:

  • Injured in the fall or early spring and will be unable to compete in the spring

  • Going to be at CSU for five years for your degree

  • Need to focus on academics/personal issues but still want to be part of the team

  • Not quite up to speed as a player and needs time to develop

  • Looking to save some money while doing any of the above


Valuable information regarding admissions information and finances can be found online at  Please visit the website to get the most up to date and current information about our university.

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