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Rams Best Wildcats 14-6

LOVELAND, Colorado— The Rams lacrosse team faced a challenging game against New Hampshire this Sunday, but they kept the lead throughout the game to win 14-6.

“UNH is a nice team and they definitely made us work for it. They had two comeback wins before our game and even after we got up at halftime, I knew they weren’t going to roll over for us,” Head Coach Alex Smith said.

While the Rams maintained a solid lead throughout the game, they lost some control over the game after half time. “UNH played well in the third quarter and we just weren’t putting shots away. I didn’t like seeing us lose control of the game in the third and that will be a focus for us,” Coach Smith said.

The Rams regained control for the final quarter, by minimizing New Hampshire’s possessions and scoring four more points. This game was good preparation for upcoming games. The Rams will face equally skilled competition later this week when they travel to Arizona to play Arizona State, University of Arizona and Chico State.

“Our game on Saturday against Arizona State will definitely be our most challenging yet,” Coach Smith said. Arizona State has an excellent offense and is very good with transitions. The Rams will have to stay sharp to remain competitive, he said. “At the same time, I love the way this team has been getting better and we are getting some great production from a lot of different people. All we can do is throw our best game out there and see what happens. I like our chances if we don’t turn the ball over and keep them from running on us,” said Coach Smith.

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