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Linda Maher Community Blood Drive

Hello All!

Members of this year's team have chosen to donate blood as a part of the Linda Maher Community Blood Drive, and we would like to extend the invite to the rest of the Ram Family. It will take place on November 15 in Fort Collins. The sign-up and all additional details can be found at this link.

See you there! Wear your CSU Lacrosse gear to represent this amazing team!

Below is Linda's story, told from the perspective of her daughter.


Mark your calendar for November 15th!!

My Mom’s 5th Annual Blood Drive is less than a month away!!

Almost six years ago, and I still remember it like it yesterday. I was sitting on the living room floor, over 20 weeks pregnant, Playing Thomas Train Tracks with Mako.

Dalton was with my dad when he called me and let me know my mom had been in a car accident and to get to the hospital.

My sisters, my dad and I were all taken to a room. We sat, and sat and sat; just waiting for someone to come speak with us and give us information. The more hours going by, the more we were realizing the severity. We called my brother to fly out, knowing this was not good.

Words and information couldn’t describe what we felt when we went back to see my mom. I don’t think any of us really knew what we were walking into.

My mom was hit by a distracted driver. Like, a very distracted driver. He went right through a red light and T-boned her.

She had a shattered pelvis, both lungs were punctured, broke the majority of her ribs and most severely, had her bladder and intestines torn apart… (which causes a high risk for infection.)

We knew every minute, hour, and every day was critical and not always a step forward.

My mom was in an induced coma day after day.

Her road to recovery was a rough one. It was long and rocky, but her faith and fighting spirit was her absolute gift, (along with amazing surgeons!)

I share this story today, because accidents still happen. We feel so blessed that 6 years ago, we were all able to stand in a room together and pray.

We sadly know, due to Covid, that is not the same story for many families today. That breaks my heart.

My mom had immediate surgery which required 26 units of blood.

It is not lost on us that the blood was so quickly available to her, and it saved her.

While we wish families could be together in times of trial, unfortunately we can’t do much about that.

What we CAN do, is our little part so that when a body is in need of blood, it’s available to them.

Blood donors and donations have decreased during this period of time. However, life is still happening and people are still in need of blood.

If you are able, willing and feel called to do so, please consider donating!

This is the 5th year my mom has put on a blood drive, it’s her way and ours, to make sure we can pay it forward.

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