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CSU Lacrosse GM & CSULAA Chairman | Garret Fitzgerald

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Happy Thanksgiving and Fall recap

November 22, 2018







Happy Thanksgiving! 


Today is a day to give thanks to what and who we are grateful for in life. For many, Thanksgiving is the only time of year when many of our family can actually be in the same place, so spend as much time with them as you can! The bond of family is the closest bond that a group of people can achieve, that is why it is our number one core value. Flip once said, “when we are truly successful as a team, we are cohesive family. It might sound strange to say that I demand that we function as a true ‘family’ unit. Within that family, I am Papa. We are only as good as we are all together. I preach it. That doesn’t change even when the faces do.” Flip knew the importance of family. Take these words to heart, and be with your family this Thanksgiving Day. Love the ones you’re with and cherish those who have passed, they are all here in spirit with all of us as we enjoy this day together.



This year’s Thanksgiving, much like every other year, generally takes place