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CSU Hammers Utah State 17-5

LOVELAND, Colo. (March 28, 2010)

The Rams delivered a thrashing to Utah State, defeating them 17-5. With another win under its belt, the Colorado State men’s lacrosse team is preparing to play five of the most intense games this season within the next three weeks.

The Rams began the game with an explosive demonstration of skill and power, taking 15 shots on goal and scoring six points in the first quarter, and this wasn’t a display of the regular game scorers. In this game many of the younger and less experienced players had the chance to stir up trouble for Utah State’s defense. “It was nice to get some of our younger guys some playing time today,” Head Coach Alex Smith said. “We are going to need some of these guys as we go down the stretch. With a very tough five game finish to the season coming up, it was good to see a couple guys step up and maybe make us think about them as we finish the season.”

While the Ram’s offense kept Utah State scrambling (scoring three to five goals a quarter), the defense, led by goalie Andy Flax, had a chance to shine. “I was really happy for Andy Flax Saturday. To see him play as well as he did was a bright spot for sure. He works so hard and deserved to be in the limelight a little last night,” Smith said. While the 17-5 win was something to be proud of, the Rams realize they will be facing much tougher competition in the next couple weeks, starting with Boulder this Saturday. “CU has a great offense and we’ll have to be very careful with a couple of their players,” Smith said. “Even though they’ve lost a couple games, there is no doubt that this will be one of our most difficult games of the season. I hope our guys are up to the challenge because last year, they gave us a pretty good beating.”

Last year was the first year the Rams had lost to the Buffs since the start of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Showdown seven years ago, and the team is eager for a rematch. The game will be held at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, which will provide an exciting venue for fans of the game and fans of the rivalry to gather and support their teams.

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