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Rams Handle Utes 12-4

LOVELAND, Colorado— The Rams brought the game back to Colorado this week with a game against the University of Utah on Wednesday. CSU kept the pace up in the first half and abated Utah’s attack to end the game 12-4.

“I think it was important for us to get off to a good start today,” Head Coach Alex Smith said. “We wanted to play the game at our tempo, and early on that worked well, but we still didn’t have the ball enough to really do what we wanted on offense.” The Rams scored 10 points in the first half, but the power seemed to drop off in the second.

While the defense kept Utah at one goal per quarter the entire game, the offense didn’t stay as consistent. Only two goals were scored by the Rams in the second half. “I think we dropped off when some of our regulars came out, and we need better performances out of our guys who don’t play as much,” Smith said.

But overall the Rams had a better handle on the tactical elements of the game. The offense had a few fast break goals that Utah’s defense couldn’t suppress and the Rams defense was prepared to shut down most of the plays Utah threw at them. “Our defensive muffin and long sticks were terrific in transition and that made a big difference,” Smith said.

With a win record of 9-1, the Rams are focusing on playing hard and smart during Saturday’s game against Utah State, realizing the season will only get harder after this weekend. Games against Colorado, Michigan and BYU loom in the near future, and the team will need to continue training hard to maintain their season.

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